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UMHS Early Intervention Program

Amber Anderson
Amber Bentley Hi, my name is Amber Anderson and I am the Early Intervention Coordinator with Universal MH/DD/SAS. I have worked with children and their families for over thirteen years. The past five years, I have been directly involved with our Early Intervention Program. I have a Bachelor of Science in Child Development. My past jobs as a More at Four Teacher, Child Care Provider and Targeted Case Manager have given me the experience to supervise the Early Intervention program as well as directly provide Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS – Special Instruction). I work directly with each CDSA and the Early Intervention Service Coordinators to ensure that the therapist provided is the best fit for the child and his/her family. If you would like more information on our program or are interested in job possibilities, please contact me at 828-438-0006.

Amber Anderson, BS, ITFS