Universal MH/DD/SAS "Caring People, Caring for People
UMHS Early Intervention Program

Amber Anderson
Amber Bentley Hi, my name is Amber Anderson and I have been working with children and families for almost 10 years. My past experiences as a teacher for child development centers and the More at Four program has given me the hands on experience and knowledge to work one on one with children and families. It is my goal to assist your family with meeting the goals on his or her IFSP. I will also work with the family as a team to implement routines and strategies that will be tailored for each child. I also love to provide parents with information on local resources such as play groups and social events that will be beneficial with social and language development for your child. We will also work on various areas of development such as behavioral concerns, language delays, potty training, or other common phases of development. I will provide you with developmental checklist and resources that can be used in your everyday routines.

During my internship at Mission Children's Hospital, I acquired a vast amount of knowledge and skills working with medically fragile children, preemies, and children with various developmental delays and disorders. My volunteer work with the Make a Wish Foundation and Special Olympics have given me the opportunity to work with parents and help them meet their children's wants and needs. If given the opportunity, I will work diligently to help your child reach his or her full potential. I look forward to working with your family.

Amber Anderson, BS, ITFS